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Hardwood flooring is, without a doubt, a classic choice when it comes to the different flooring options that are available for your home in Tampa. Not only does it make a great long-term investment, but, with proper care and maintenance, it can keep its high-quality appearance for years. Hardwood flooring will never go out of style, so you can trust that when you choose this beautiful, classic option for your home, you won’t ever have to worry about replacing it.

2 Day Flooring has a wide variety of hardwood flooring for you to choose from. When you’re ready to have new hardwood floors installed in your home, contact our expert flooring contractors to help you choose your best option. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, today’s blog will walk you through some tips and tricks for keeping your hardwood floors clean so that they last a lifetime.

There are many benefits to installing hardwood flooring in your home — it’s straightforward installation, high-quality look, strength and durability, better acoustics, and a healthier indoor air quality, to name a few. After you’ve had hardwood floors installed in your Tampa home, keep the following tips in mind when it comes to caring for and maintaining your new investment:

Sweep Or Vacuum

Dust and debris can scratch or dull the surface of your hardwood flooring. That’s why it’s important to sweep or vacuum regularly. A microfiber mop and dusting agent can pick up dust without the risk of scratching your floors. Sweeping up dust should be done on a daily basis, while vacuuming should be done once per week using your vacuum’s “hard floor” setting. This activates only suction without the brush roll so you can ensure that your flooring won’t get scratched.

While you don’t want to cover the entirety of your beautiful hardwood floors with area rugs or mats, it may be beneficial to use throw rugs near doorways and heavy traffic areas to keep dirt from damaging your floors.


The heavy traffic areas in your Tampa home should be cleaned more frequently. One of the best ways to clean hardwood flooring in with a mop and a hardwood floor cleaner that you can find at your local home or hardware store. Be sure to follow the directions on your hardwood floor cleaner so as to not cause damage to your beautiful floors.

You also want to make sure that your mop isn’t too wet by wringing out most of the water. It is best to use a damp mop so that there isn’t standing water left on the floor that can damage the wood. You can speed up the drying process by using a microfiber cloth or turning on a ceiling fan after you’ve finished mopping.


The best way to keep your hardwood flooring looking new is by taking care of minor scratches and dullness as they happen. You can use liquid scratch concealers, floor polish, or floor wax, and in more extreme cases, you can always sand and refinish it to restore it’s natural beauty.

Liquid Scratch Concealers

Liquid scratch concealers form a permanent seal that won’t come off during cleaning. It may go without saying, but it’s important to choose a concealer that best matches the color of your floor’s finish. This is your best option for small scratches on your hardwood flooring.

Floor Polish

Floor polish is just as it sounds. It will help protect your floors from wear and tear and also help cover up small scratches. Floor polish is a great way to restore your hardwood flooring’s shine.

Floor Wax

Floor wax can revitalize your hardwood flooring and deeply clean older, more worn floors. When you apply floor wax, be sure to go with the grain of the wood. Floor wax is a great option for older hardwood flooring and can help bring it back to life.

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