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The perfect option for those who want to add
warmth and a charming aura to their home.

Available in a variety of colors, stains, and grain styles, wood flooring is a wonderful option when you are looking for a traditional and sophisticated ambiance.

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What To Expect With Hardwood Flooring In A Tampa Home

Made to last for many years, hardwood flooring adds value to any property, while providing a return on your flooring investment, making it a wise decision. By choosing hardwood flooring for your Tampa home, you’ll have a floor that will hold up for several decades if you care for it the proper way. Getting a hardwood flooring installation will add character to your home that might not be obtained with options such as carpeting.

What you can expect when you choose hardwood flooring is a unique surface no matter what type of wood you pick, character to add some personality to your home, as well as a design that acts as a backdrop to really pull the room together. Additionally, wood flooring will add a natural look to your home that will make it individually yours.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?
  • Timeless style
  • Durable
  • Traditional
  • Sophisticated
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in different colors, stains, and grains

How to Choose Hardwood Flooring

At 2 Day Flooring, we’re able to offer you an abundance of different styles, colors, and materials to choose from. For your Tampa home, one of the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your wood flooring is the type of wood.


Taken from an array of trees like pine, cedar, and fir species. The wood isn’t dense nor is it durable, so it can be prone to dents and scratches; however it’s a beautiful, individualized look that will add character to a home. They are harder to finish but are eco-friendly.

Softwood lumber logs

The materials used for hardwood are harvested from trees that are much more dense and durable. It doesn’t need as much cleaning and maintenance as the softwood and tends to last longer. Additionally, there are more exotic species offered under hardwood in comparison to softwood.

Hardwood lumber logs
Wood floors with herringbone pattern in dining room

Some of the styles you can have are parquet, plank, or strip flooring. Strip flooring creates a linear effect and is a traditional option. Plank is a casual option that is similar to strip flooring but is greater than three inches in width.

Lastly, parquet is a unique option because it can be nonlinear, geometric, complex, or simple in appearance.

Herringbone pattern parquet wood floor texture wood

Patterns for your wood flooring can vary from simple to complex. You can go with straighter patterns that are classic and contemporary and an affordable option. You can also try the random pattern for designs that are parallel and mix up different widths to make it look more progressive.

You can also pick how narrow you want the boards as well as the width, so you can have more of a customized look. You can also try the diagonal pattern that adds some luxury and is a step away from the classic look.

Bedroom with light hardwood flooring

The colors for hardwood flooring can be light or dark. Darker colors tend to add elegance to a room. You can expect color choices like maple plank, ebonized hardwood, and reclaimed wood.

A lighter color tends to add more vibrancy to your home and options may include more distressed wide planks, reclaimed pine in beige, and red oak, just to name a few.

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Where Should You Install Hardwood Flooring

Picking the flooring for your room or your home is one of the best parts of a renovation. We’ve laid out some of the rooms that would look best with wood flooring.

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