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While seemingly unimportant, choosing the perfect flooring can make a huge impact on the vibe of your home. There are many things to consider — lifestyle, activities, and your budget being a few. Your home is a place of comfort, and your floors should reflect that. Whether you’re doing yoga in the living room, hosting a dinner party, or having family over with kids running a muck, the flooring underfoot will make a difference. In today’s blog from 2 Day Flooring in Tampa, we’ll be exploring the many things to take into consideration when shopping flooring options for your home.


This may go without saying, but your choice in flooring should be one that you like and that reflects your style. Your home is a place of comfort, and the style and decor should be one that makes you happy. Consider what types of flooring makes you feel the most comfortable, or is the most aesthetically pleasing to your eye — the rich grain of hardwood or the thick, soft feel of carpet beneath your toes.


We understand that not every homeowner has the budget to put luxurious Pietra Firma Luxtouch Tiles throughout their home. (These tiles are $1,000,000 per square meter.) Trust us, that’s okay! It’s important to choose a flooring that you love, but that’s also within your budget! You don’t need flooring that has 1000 diamonds and 2400 pieces of mother of pearl per square meter. There are many affordable options that you can choose for your floors. Contact 2 Day Flooring in Tampa if you’re interested in learning more!


Your lifestyle is an important thing to consider when choosing flooring for your new home. Whether or not you have kids or whatever activities you plan on doing in your home can be the deciding factor between hardwood floors or luscious carpet. Tile and hardwood are more easily cleaned than carpet, so if you plan on spills or messes, those might be your best option. If you plan on doing yoga or exercising in your home, hardwood or laminate is a good option. Carpet can be good if you have a small child that will be crawling around. Taking all of these things into consideration is important when you’re shopping for new flooring.

As your considering new flooring for your home in Tampa, be sure to think of the experts at 2 Day Flooring for answers to any questions you may have. They’ll be able to tell you what flooring may be best for your active or sedentary lifestyle, a family life, or the go-to host of house parties. They can work with you to find the best options for your budget and make sure that you love the flooring you choose.

Our team is ready and willing to help you choose and install the flooring of your dreams. Don’t overlook your flooring choices. They have a huge impact on your home and your everyday lifestyle. Contact the team at 2 Day Flooring today to get started!

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