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In our latest blog posts, we’ve talked about how to clean all of the different types of flooring that we install here at 2 Day Flooring! Today’s post is all about your luxury vinyl floors. Luckily, caring for your vinyl flooring is easy because of its high durability and water resistance. You can keep your floors looking brand new and beautiful for years by following these quick and easy cleaning and maintenance tips from our flooring experts at 2 Day Flooring in Tampa.

There are a lot of common denominators when it comes to cleaning your floors — no matter what type of flooring you may have. It’s no secret that spills should be cleaned up quickly, but what about when it comes to scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, or moving furniture? Keep reading to learn more about caring for those beautiful, new vinyl floors in your Tampa home and be sure to contact 2 Day Flooring with any flooring questions or concerns.

Preventing Damage

The main purpose of cleaning and maintaining your luxury vinyl flooring is to do whatever you can to prevent damage and keep them looking new for as long as possible. There are a few tips you can take into consideration to prevent damage. Not only should spills be immediately cleaned up, but be sure to always wash your floors with non-abrasive floor cleaners. These cleaners keep your floors clean without wearing away at their beautiful coating.

Gently Move Furniture

As you’re cleaning your vinyl floors, be sure to always lift and carry your furniture when moving it out of the way. It’s important to clean under your furniture in order to avoid certain spots becoming dull and dirty, but you never want to drag your couch or loveseat across vinyl floors. Find someone to help you lift the heavier objects so that you can effectively clean underneath and around your furniture.

Spot Stain Treatment

Spot stains can be tricky to remove no matter what type of flooring you may have. When it comes to your vinyl flooring, be sure to use a very diluted bleach solution when cleaning these stains. 1 part bleach to 10 parts water should do the trick, but always test a small corner of the floors to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage before you tackle the stain.

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Cleaning and caring for your new floors doesn’t have to be a hassle! We know that when you invest in beautiful new floors, you’re investing in your home for years to come! By following these easy tips for cleaning and maintenance, your luxury vinyl floors will stay beautiful. When it comes to flooring, the experts at 2 Day Flooring know best. Call us today for more questions or concerns about your vinyl floors or to learn about your other flooring options if you’re ready to have new floors installed! Our team can install gorgeous new floors in as little as two days. Call today for your free estimate.