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Tile or hardwood; hardwood or tile? The decision can be a difficult one because there are so many great qualities about both of these types of flooring. On one hand, hardwood flooring really makes your home warmer and more welcoming. It can also add a more traditional look to your abode. When it comes to tile, you can make your home look larger, cleaner, and since we live in Tampa, cooler. Luckily, at 2 Day Flooring, we can learn more about what both of these types of flooring can do for your home. If you have any questions about either of these options, don’t forget that you can always ask us for help in figuring out exactly what would look fantastic in your residence.

A Brief Description Of Tile Flooring

Tile flooring can be customized for any type of room in your home. Do you want more of a Spanish vibe? Do you want to do a unique pattern in your bathroom to really add some pizzazz? Whatever you’re thinking about for the room you are considering redoing in tile, 2 Day Flooring has the necessary experience to help you determine what would look appealing.

As a Tampa flooring company, we’ve installed many tiles into homes that anyone would be proud to call their own. From patterns to a more clean, stylistic look with large, white slates, tile flooring can be personalized for any room. We can help you pick out the pattern that would look best, the style that would really pull the patio, bathroom, or kitchen together, and the coloring that would draw the eye and make guests and even your own family “ooh” and “ahh.” Tile flooring is easy to maintain and it’s affordable.

As you go into this project of redoing your home and making it look fantastic, you’ll want to ask yourself if tile is the right direction for your patio, kitchen, bathroom, or the mudroom. Keep in mind that tile goes great in high traffic areas, but it’s not a flooring option that you’d like in a more cozy space because of the lack of temperature the slates retain. Even though we do live in beautiful, sunny Tampa, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to step into your bedroom with chilly tiles.

In addition, if you are thinking about tile flooring, it’s best to hire a professional. If you want a specific pattern and you try to do it yourself or you’d just like to save some money, you could end up with an off-putting tile floor. Even the smallest mistake can cost you time, money, and a headache. If you want a floor you can be proud of, then call 2 Day Flooring and we’ll be in and out of your home in a jiffy.

A Brief Description Of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options because it offers so much for a residence. It’s traditional and it’s aesthetically pleasing; however, when it comes to deciding if it’s the right choice for your abode, you will need to narrow down the different options, so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

First, you want to ask yourself what exactly is hardwood and how is it different than softwood flooring? But what exactly is either of these options? In short, hardwood flooring is made from trees that are much slower to grow. This means that your hardwood flooring will be generated from trees that are denser and durable. It also means that dents and scratches aren’t as easy to damage the floor. Softwood comes from trees that have matured much quicker. These trees can be found in the pine, cedar, and fir species.

Another consideration of hardwood flooring is how it brings the home together. Where do you want to put the hardwood in your residence? Is it more for the living room, dining room, or the kitchen? Do you want to rip up that ugly carpet and create a smoother, more elegant look in your bedroom? Hardwood is one of those options that look fantastic anywhere, but it also can be a little overdone. For example, some people go a little hardwood enthusiastic and want to put it in every room.

If you want to make your living room homier and inviting, then you’ll want to open it up with some darker wood flooring. If you have a high traffic area such as the hallway that’s looking for a little love, then hardwood is exactly what can make your home come together again.

What’s neat about hardwood is that it comes in some many different colors, patterns, styles, and types of wood. From bamboo to deep mahogany, you can find exactly the look you’re going for with 2 Day Flooring. Everyone wants a home they can be proud to call their own and now you can be one of those people when you choose our flooring company.

The Deciding Factors

Now that you know the basics of hardwood and tile flooring, it’s time to really dive into the deciding factors. It’s a difficult decision. Do you want a classy look or a clean one? Below are what we feel are the deciding components when someone can’t make a decision on the flooring option they want in their home. Remember, if you’ve read through the blog and did your research, but have no idea what direction you want to go in, then talk to a professional. We can also help you with this major decision.

Maintenance: How often are you realistically going to clean? Tile maintenance is different than hardwood. With hardwood, you’ll need to purchase specific cleaning materials, whereas tile can take water without warping. On the other hand, hardwood maintenance has gotten a lot easier due to the variety of holistic cleaning options.

Affordability: This is a huge deciding factor for many people who are figuring out their flooring. If you want to go a little more expensive, then nice hardwood flooring is a fantastic option. However, there are types of wood that are affordable and look fantastic. If you want to go with a more low-cost option, tile can sometimes win out. Keep in mind that there are types of tile flooring that mimic wood, so you can have the best of both worlds for a great price.

The Location: Finally, and the most importantly, the option for flooring comes down to the location. If you want tile in your bedroom, that might not always be the best idea. However, if you want tile in your bathroom, then that’s a great thought. If you want hardwood flooring in your bathroom, then we feel that you should go with tile because of the amount of water that usually gets on the floor. On the other hand, if you want hardwood in your living room, that always makes the family area warmer.

Have you decided between tile or hardwood? If so, let’s get started on making your home exquisite.

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