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The secret to cleaning grout can be the difference between tile flooring that’s dingy and discolored to pristine, sparkling slates. When it comes to ceramic tiles, you’ll need to deal with grout. At 2 Day Flooring, we’re proud to offer tile flooring as an option for your home. We have the experience to make any flooring in a room look fantastic. Our tile designs and installations are easy. We’ll help guide you toward the styles, colors, and the patterns that will make a statement in your home. Keep in mind that tiles are made for lasting beauty and are scratch and stain resistant. For more information on tile installation, reach out to our Tampa flooring company.

What Is Grout?

Grout is the cement or sand mixture that’s placed in between the tile flooring. This paste or mortar is made to fill the areas between the tiles. Generally, grout is a fluid form of concrete. It can be made from water and cement or water and sand with pressure that helps to push the tiles together. If you have grout between your tiles, it’s generally going to be ceramic, which are durable and affordable.

The Secret To Getting Great Looking Grout

So what’s the secret to getting great looking grout? The process is relatively simple, but you need to be very organized and pay attention to the details to make sure you rid your tiles of that grimy look. Keep in mind some methods should be used for tougher stains as well, which we’ll get into below. The tougher the stain, the more complex of a stain remover you’re going to want to use. In addition, try to always stay holistic because cleaners can carry harsh chemicals, which have long-term effects.

Step One: Use a brush that’s made of stiff bristled and plain water. The water should be on the hotter side, but not too hot that you can’t work with it. You’ll want to use a spray bottle as well to get in between the tiles. You’ll want to spray the grout lines and then move the bristled brush in a circular area to get in between those hard to reach places without damaging the flooring.

Step Two: Once you’ve used the brush, you can create a holistic paste from household items. This can include baking soda, vinegar, or lemons. For more information on holistic cleaning methods, read How To Clean Tile Flooring – Part One and Two. The paste will be water and one of these options, whatever you have on hand. If you want a more effective stain remover, you can make a paste from the water and the baking soda, then use a vinegar solution.
Step Three: After you put the paste on your flooring and make the mixture, allow it to foam, and then you’ll want to use the brush to scrub and the water to rinse the floor.

For Tougher Stains

When it comes to tougher stains in between your grout, you might need to use more heavy duty items. You can choose to use name brands, but like we mentioned before, the amount of bleach and chemicals that are in some items can be alarming. The best method for tougher stains is to continue to use the household items or other environmentally friendly grout stain removers. For instance, Borax is a great way to get in between the tiles and is a green solution.

Take the easy maintenance route and choose tiles for your next home renovation.

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